We focus on 3 main areas:

Oil & Gas

Our engineers have many years experience from various marine operations at many oil and gas development projects, mainly in Europe and Asia. Focus Engineering can also perform verfications and coordinate design and analysis work towards 3rd party. Our list of reference projects covers a wide range within the activities listed below.

Main activities covered

  • Piping & Layout
  • Structural/Marine Design
  • Structural/Marine Analyses/Calculations
  • Temporary Structures
  • Yard Lifts
  • Load Out and Transportation
  • Grilage and Seafastening
  • Verifications


Whether you are a client who runs a project of a single structure, an industrial complex, Focus Engineering can supply technical solutions, design, calculations and fabrication drawings of various type of products.

  • Prepare and check designs, drawings and calculations.
  • Liaise with clients, wider design team, statutory authorities, contractors, etc.
  • Provide engineering design calculations, specifications, drawings and technical information.
  • Carry out contract management on delegated schemes.

We have access to a pool of talent that enables us to deliver quality services and take up small or large projects. Our global partnerships keep us up to date with the design techniques and we are competitive on costs levels in mature markets.


Building sea cages requires an understanding of how materials react and how the environment effects large and complex structures over time. Focus Engineering deliver engineering services for sea cages and aquaculture systems. This includes structural analysis and design of fish cages and aquaculture-related products.